3 Popular Faux Painting Finishes to Choose From For Your Home

Faux painting has emerged as the latest trend in home décor. The right faux painting technique can do lot for your home. It can create texture and depth, as well as a splash of color and exuberance to an otherwise dull and boring room. It’s easy and affordable.


There are so many faux finishes that you can choose from for creating the desired look and effect in your room. Given below are the three most popular faux paint finishes that most homeowners opt for.


1. Leather faux finish-the leather faux finish lends a rich and sophisticated look to a room. It is ideal for library, home office, den, and family room. The color palette for leather faux finish is wide, ranging from sandy brown to greens and deep blues and rich mahogany red.


2. Marble faux finish-marble faux finish is extremely popular amongst homeowners who wish to add sophistication and beauty of natural marble to their homes. Since marble tends to appear overwhelming, it is advisable to use marble faux finish as accent decoration on fireplace mantle, pillar, or a piece of furniture.


3. Denim faux finish-it helps add an element of fun to children’s room, home office, and family space. The color palette ranges from nearly white to deep indigo. Use this technique to create the look of panels of faux finish quite similar to wallpaper panels.


Check online for more faux painting samples and design ideas. You may also hire experienced and renowned painters to get the best faux painting results.